Release 1.8

Version 1.8.0 (March 2024)

  • Refined support for ROX robots
  • Added import / convert tool for grid maps
  • Added MQTT client communication
  • Fixed OpenCL initialization bug on some platforms
  • Fixed append_goal functionality
  • Support for IFM ODS
  • Support for Pilz Psenscan

Release 1.7

Version 1.7.0 (October 2023)

  • Support for ROX robots
  • Added SafetyInterface and SafetyState
  • Software quick stop
  • Changed color of dynamic area
  • Added battery watchdog tool
  • Added charger coordinate frame
  • Support for SICK Visionary cameras
  • Support for RelayBoardV3
  • Application level support for FlexiSoft
  • Fixes for Elmo Gold motor controllers
  • Fixed ValueRank of OPCUA variables
  • Improvements in CANopen implementation
  • Footprint can be changed without reinitialization
  • Updated CImg library to 3.2.6
  • LocalPlanner target pose rotation fix

Release 1.6

Version 1.6.0 (May 2023)

  • New corporate design
  • Support for ArgoDrives
  • Extended BatteryState data structure
  • Documentation available through internal web server
  • OPCUA: writable topic variables
  • OPCUA: fixed authentication configuration
  • OPCUA: certificate issuer and revocation lists
  • Updated open62541 to v1.3.6
  • Added PCAN error messages (Windows)
  • Integrated key pad into TaskHandler
  • New Lua command move_towards
  • Docking based on shape matching
  • Shape matching
  • Fixed Microscan module error on Nanoscan
  • Bicycle kinematics
  • Support for Ubuntu 22.04

Release 1.5

Version 1.5.0 (August 2022)

  • Added example maps
  • OPCUA:
    • open62541 update to v1.3.2
    • OPC_UA_Server custom host name and variables
    • open62541 as shared library
    • added subscriptions to OPC_UA_Proxy
    • more settings for opcua server and proxy
    • OPC_UA_Proxy proper disconnect on error and client renewal
    • Server authentication
  • Added Dockerfile creation
  • GlobalCostMap takes additional cost points
  • LUA functions and blocks for map switching
  • Implemented map storage in MapServer
  • Added some useful polygon methods
  • Added areas to map match
  • Included radar scan into local costmap
  • Added basic aircontrol binary
  • Added get_pilot_version method to PilotServer
  • Added roadmap adjacency hash
  • Added radar scan to virtual scan
  • Added default configuration for MP-500
  • Setting ulimit automatically
  • Node for RelayboardV3
  • HttpServer blocking fix
  • Added shortcut to access the documentation
  • Added remote joystick tool pilot_joystick
  • TaskHandler fixed publishing volatile execution state
  • Omnidrive kinematics with arbitrary number of drives
  • Splitted PowerState and RelayBoardData from SystemState
  • Full support for ARM64 (e.g. Jetson Nano)
  • Dedicated driver module for ELMO motors
  • Fleet manager Tower implemented
  • GlobalPlanner using local cost map overlay by default now
  • HybridPlanner can skip road map with goal_options_t::planner_mode == FREE_ROAMING
  • Terminal output on Windows can use ANSI codes or Win API
  • RelayBoardNode retry charging in case no charger detected
  • added RelayBoardNode enable_charge_cycling option
  • LocalPlanner no more goal shortcuts

Release 1.4

Version 1.4.0 (October 2021)

  • LocalPlanner pause() fix for differential to keep on path
  • TaskHandler execute_*() functions now have blocking option
  • added TaskHandler set_timer_ms functionality
  • CanNode automatic re-init in case of persistent motor timeouts
  • TaskHandler generates random jobid if not specified
  • HttpProxy fix for missing LogMsg, ModuleInfo and Event topics
  • CanNode fix for timeouts due to blocking publishes
  • CanNode fix for timeout feedback loop in homeing procedure
  • SerialPort fix for blocking publish
  • added PlatformInterface read_analog_input() + read_digital_input() functions
  • added TaskHandler read_analog_input() + read_digital_input() functions
  • added TaskEditor read_analog_input + read_digital_input blocks
  • added TaskEditor map / object support
  • fixed TaskEditor display regression when switching views
  • Added RoadMapPlanner find_closest_station()
  • Added LUA find_closest_station_name()
  • Added TaskEditor find_closest_station block (which returns station name)

Release 1.3

Version 1.3.0 (August 2021)

  • Added OPC-UA Client/Server certificate support
  • Added LUA functions and corresponding TaskEditor blocks:
    • is_chargig()
    • get_battery_remaining()
    • reset_motors()
  • Added Event::level to allow sorting by low/high level events.
  • wait_for_joystick() waits for activation now
  • LaserCalibration now also calibrates sensor X/Y position
  • Added RealSense2 support
  • LFP battery charge auto cycling between 90 and 100 % (see RelayBoardNode::battery_type config)
  • Added SystemState::is_charging

Release 1.2

Version 1.2.0 (June 2021)

  • New HttpServer implementation, no longer using libmicrohttpd.
    • Supports Server-Sent-Events (SSE), via /api/stream/...
    • Deflate response compression (multi-threaded)
    • Asynchronous chunked transfers
  • localization.status topic is also being recorded now.
  • New LocalPlanner functions: await_goal(), await_goal_ex(...), cancel_goal_await()
  • LocalPlanner::pause() now has an optional bool em_stop parameter to enable emergency stopping.
  • OPC-UA write variable support via Proxy::write_variable() and Proxy::write_object_variable().
  • TaskHandler now supports script parameters via execute_file() and execute_program() which are passed on to the main(...) function in LUA.
  • Sending a new goal while driving works as expected now, planners wait for platoform to stop before planning new path.
  • Kinematics_CanNode fix for CAN bus initialization, now attempts to re-initialize until successful.
  • New TaskHandler functions: get_time_sec(), get_time_millis(), get_time_micros()
  • HttpSession now contains session_timeout as well
  • Additional incident reporting for RelayBoard and MPO-700 homing.
  • SickMicroscan3 fix for reflector detection
  • OPC-UA Proxy authentication support via username and password configs.
  • TaskHandler scripts have REQUEST permission now
  • USER (neo-user) has INTERVENE_SCRIPT permissions now

Release 1.1

Version 1.1.0 (May 2021)