A map representing the navigation cost based on the proximity to walls and other obstacles.

Inherits from pilot.GridMapData.


static const uchar PROHIBITED = 254
static const uchar UNKNOWN = 255
float cost_scale

obstacle distance scale [m]

distance = (1 - (cost / 200)) * cost_scale

Image8 cost
  • 0 to 200 = cost
  • 200 = wall
  • > 200 = same as occupancy map


ImageF32 to_float() const

convert to float format (0 to 1)

Image8 to_rgba_image(int alpha) const

for visualization (with color)

Image8 to_rgba_mono_image(int alpha) const

for visualization (just grayscale)

static Vector4uc to_rgba(int value, int alpha)

convert occupancy to RGBA

static Vector4uc to_rgba_mono(int value, int alpha)

convert occupancy to RGBA mono