PathPoint2D represents a point on a path to navigate. They are usually generated from a Road Map and then optimized while driving. It can also be a final goal position.

Inherits from pilot.Pose2D.


int map_id = -1

Id of the map element in the Road Map, if any.

drive_mode_e drive_mode = DEFAULT

Specifies how the robot should navigate, see pilot.drive_mode_e.

set<drive_flags_e> drive_flags

A set of drive flags for this path point, see pilot.drive_flags_e.

float_param_t orientation

Yaw angle offset relative to pose.z() (holonomic only) in [radians]. See pilot.float_param_t.

float_param_t max_velocity

Maximum velocity in [m/s]. See pilot.float_param_t.

float_param_t max_yawrate

Maximum yawrate in [rad/s]. See pilot.float_param_t.

float_param_t goal_tune_time

Additional time for fine tuning position in [seconds]. See pilot.float_param_t.

vector_3f_param_t tolerance

Maximum position error (x, y, yaw) [m, m, rad], see pilot.vector_3f_param_t.

bool is_restricted

True if a 360 degree rotation is not possible at this location.