Information about a module.


long time

time stamp (virtual time) [usec]

Hash64 id

unique module id

Hash64 src_mac

source mac for publishing

string name

module name

string type

type name

long time_started

POSIX timestamp [usec]

long time_idle

current stats (see vnx_heartbeat_interval_ms) [usec]

long time_running

current stats (see vnx_heartbeat_interval_ms) [usec]

long time_idle_total

since start of module [usec]

long time_running_total

since start of module [usec]

long num_async_pending

number of pending async requests (waiting for returns)

long num_async_process

number of async requests being processed right now

vector<string> sub_topics

topic subscriptions

vector<string> pub_topics

topic publishers

map<Hash64, Endpoint *> remotes

map of connected processes (process id => endpoint)

TypeCode type_code

module type code


double get_cpu_load() const

0 to 1

double get_cpu_load_total() const

0 to 1 (total average)