Topics are names under which data samples are published. Any number of subscribers can then receive the published data.

Topics are arranged in a tree and it is possible to subscribe to a whole sub-tree. For example a subscription to input will receive samples from as well as input.velocity_cmd.

Topics do not have an assigned data type, but in most cases only a specific data type is published.

input [pilot.JoyData]
Joystick input samples, published only when a Joystick is connected and controls are operated.
input.velocity_cmd [pilot.VelocityCmd]
Joystick velocity commands.


local_planner.state [pilot.LocalPlannerState]
LocalPlanner state updates.
local_planner.target_pose [pilot.Pose2D]
LocalPlanner target pose updates.


localization.map_tile [pilot.OccupancyMapData]
Localization map tile, ie. current section of the Grid Map.
localization.particles [pilot.PoseArray2D]
Localization particle swarm in map coordinates.
localization.status [pilot.LocalizationStatus]
Localization status updates.


mapping.grid_map [pilot.OccupancyMapData]
New Grid Map created by mapping.
mapping.pose_graph [pilot.RoadMapData]
Mapping pose graph.


movechain.status [pilot.MovechainStatus]
MovechainHandler status updates.


network.beacons [pilot.Beacon]
Beacons for fleet management.


platform.battery_state [pilot.BatteryState]
Battery state updates.
platform.emergency_state [pilot.EmergencyState]
Emergency state updates. [pilot.Event, pilot.Incident]
Generic events.
platform.incidents [pilot.Incident]
External incidents, to be handled by PilotServer.
platform.active_incidents [pilot.ActiveIncidents]
List of currently active incidents. [pilot.PlatformInfo]
Static platform info.
platform.odometry [pilot.Odometry]
Odometry samples.
platform.pilot_state [pilot.PilotState]
Pilot state updats.
platform.system_state [pilot.SystemState]
System state update.
platform.safety_state [pilot.SafetyState]
Safety state update.
platform.power_state [pilot.PowerState]
System power state.
platform.velocity_cmd [pilot.VelocityCmd]
Custom velocity commands.


sensors.point_cloud.* [pilot.PointCloud2D, pilot.LaserPointCloud]
Laser point clouds in odom coordinates.


task_handler.current_task [pilot.ExecutionState]
Current task being executed by TaskHandler module.
task_handler.current_event_task [pilot.ExecutionState]
Current event task being executed by TaskHandler module.
task_handler.execution_history [pilot.ExecutionHistory]
Execution history of TaskHandler module.
task_handler.event_history [pilot.ExecutionHistory]
Event execution history of TaskHandler module.

tf [pilot.Pose2D]
Localization updates.
tf.odom.base_link [pilot.Odometry]
Odometry samples. [pilot.Pose2D]
Same as local_planner.target_pose but in map coordinates. [pilot.Pose2D]
Same as navigation.local_path but in map coordinates.* [pilot.Pose2D]
Same as sensors.point_cloud.* but in map coordinates.


vnx.log_out [vnx.LogMsg]
Terminal log messags.
vnx.module_info [vnx.ModuleInfo]
Module info updates.
vnx.recorder_status [vnx.RecorderStatus]
Status information of the data recorder, when active.