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The autonomous mobile robots ROX offer maximum flexibility and adaptability to individual requirements. At the same time, they have a uniform design and operating concept across all variants, thus simplifying subsequent extensions and adaptations of existing robot installations.

The modular carrier frame of the ROX robots can be adapted to the applicationā€™s requirements in length, width and height and can be extended by load handling devices and manipulator arms.

Several kinematic systems are available for the undercarriage within the frame, each with its own advantages:

The centrally positioned differential drive is very manoeuvrable and compact and the standard solution for simple applications.
With the differential drive rigidly mounted on the front of the platform, very high stability is achieved at very low cost.
The use of ArgoDrive modules gives this solution a high load capacity and the ability to move freely and smoothly in all directions at all times.
Thanks to the Mecanum wheels, this more cost-effective variant can also move smoothly in all directions.

The power supply of the ROX platforms can also be adapted to the specific application. Classic AGM batteries are available as a basic version, which are ideal for applications with a small budget and single-shift operation. If short charging times and continuous use or low weight are required, LiFePO4 batteries batteries should be chosen.

Both battery technologies are available as mechanically identical battery packs, of which up to three packs of the same type can be connected in parallel to increase runtime.

Two control software solutions are available.

  • PlatformPilot is a professional AMR control software from Neobotix, developed mainly for industrial applications. It is easy to set up and use and offers the best support for omnidirectional robots.
  • ROS 2 is an open-source framework that is very popular in research and development. It offers unmatched flexibility and the chance to integrate additional modules and functions, but requires solid background knowledge.