Qualified PersonnelΒΆ

This product must only be modified, commissioned, operated and serviced by qualified personnel. Qualified personnel are defined as persons who

  • due to their specialist training and experience have adequate knowledge for the work at hand,
  • have been instructed by the responsible robot operator in the operation of the robot or its parts and the currently valid safety guidelines,
  • are sufficiently familiar with the applicable official health and safety regulations, directives and generally recognised engineering practice (e.g. DIN standards, VDE stipulations, engineering regulations from other EC member states) that they can assess the work safety aspects of the product and
  • have access to this manual and who have read it.

The following groups of persons are generally not considered qualified:

  • Employees, interns or other academic staff not familiar with the product,
  • visitors and quests,
  • all members of other departments of the company or institution in which the product is operated.

This list is not intended to be exhaustive.