LED Lighting

All ROX platforms feature LED lights on all sides in the gap between upper and lower platform cover. The robot’s current status is indicated as follows.

Color Pattern Description
All Changeover Self-check at startup. In case of interruptions or unusual patterns please shut down the robot and contact Neobotix.
Red Constant Regular emergency stop, check emergency stop buttons and wireless emergency stop system, unlock them, and reset the system by turning the key switch clockwise.
Red Blinking, slow Non-critical error, e. g. brake release button is pressed.
Red Blinking, fast Critical error, please contact Neobotix.
Yellow Constant Scanner stop, remove obstacle from the safety field or switch safety field, robot will continue operating automatically.
Yellow Blinking, slow Platform is moving.
Yellow Blinking, fast Working device or robot arm is active.
Green Constant Robot is ready but idle.
Green Pulsing, slow Robot is in standby mode.
Blue Blinking, slow A manual reset via the key switch is required.
Turquoise Constant Charging is finished
Turquoise Pulsing Charging in progress.
White Blinking, fast Command to shut down has been detected, hold the key switch until the LEDs light up white and start fading.
White Fading Robot is shutting down and will switch off in a few seconds.