Safety Instructions (Manipulators)

Robot Arms

Universal Robots

The robot arms from Universal Robots were designed for direct interaction with humans. Their safety features limit their speed and power and significantly reduce the potential to cause injuries or damages.


Nevertheless the robot arm may hit people or obstacles before its safety features come into effect. When equipped with a dangerous tool, serious injuries may be caused.

Laser Scanners

The robot arm may reach beyond the laser scanners’ safety fields that were originally set up for transport and delivery. In order to ensure a safe operation of the mobile manipulator, the safety fields must be adjusted to cover the robot arm’s work space whenever possible and to prevent collisions between the arm and any person nearby.

Working required from the Customer

Mobile manipulators are very complex robot systems. The applications in which they will be used could not be foreseen in detail during the development of the robot. Therefore, beside any modifications needed for certain research work or experiments, some very basic tasks must be completed before the mobile manipulator can be used safely.

  • An assessment of risks must be performed by the customer to identify the different measures needed to guarantee a safe operation.
  • All safety measures required for safe operation have to be implemented by the customer according to the assessment of risks and under the customer’s responsibility.
  • The higher level control software for the mobile manipulator has to be provided and installed by the customer. The safe operation of the robot greatly depends on the proper and reliable functioning of this software. Therefore it must be made sure that the robot’s speed and workspace are limited to a safe level and that all axes are coordinated properly at all times.

In order to achieve a safe operation of the mobile manipulator, several measures might be required. The following list gives a short and incomplete overview of possible measures.

  • Using the laser scanners area monitoring feature for collision avoidance.
  • Adding safety bumpers to the robot.
  • Limiting speed, power and work area of the robot arm.
  • Adding covers and shielding on the mobile maipulator.


Additional actions might be required to guarantee the appropriate level of safety!