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Ultrasonic sensors are used to measure the distance to objects within the sensor’s metering range. The metering principle is based on measuring the time of flight of a sound pulse. This pulse is created by the sensor, reflected by an obstacle and then received by the sensor.

The USBoard-USS4 is capable of operating up to 16 ultrasonic sensors of type Bosch Parkpilot USS4 (also known as URF6 or URF7). It can be used for collision detection on big vehicles like buses, farm machines or construction machinery. The board features easy commissioning, comfortable parametrization and a wide range of custom settings. Defining warning and alarm distances allows an easy detection of possible collisions.

Furthermore four analogue inputs are available on the board. These inputs can be used to add other sensors to the system without the need for any additional boards.


The Graphical User Interface for the USBoard-USS4 can be found at Graphical User Interface.