Additional Parts


An overview of the connectors can be found at Connectors.

USBoardUSS5 Configuration Cable

The basic cable set (order number X211) speeds up the configuration of the USBoardUSS5 and first tests. It consists of:

  • Connector X1: Connections for power supply (1 m, flying leads, red = plus, black = minus) and CAN (1 m, female D-Sub 9 connector, no terminating resistor, pin 2 - CAN Low, pin 7 - CAN High)
  • USB cable: 1,5 m, USB 2.0, A-type to B-type

This cable set can also be manufactured by the customer using the connectors described at Connector Descriptions.


USBoardUSS5 configuration cable (X211)

Sensor Cable Sets

The USBoardUSS5 features four connectors for cable sets that connect four sensors each.

Neobotix offers unshielded cable sets in different lengths for first tests and prototyping. The default version (order number X214) is 2 m long and can be plugged into any of the USBoardUSS5’s four sensor connectors X2 to X5. Other cable lengths (up to 25 m) and designs are available on request.

It is recommended to manufacture cable sets that meet your individual requirements when moving to the actual application.


Cable set for 4 x USS5 sensors (X214)

Connector Sets

Neobotix offers sets of crimp contacts and connector housing for customers who plan to manufacture the cable sets by themselves and only need the correct parts. These contacts can be crimped with generic tools well enough for first tests and prototyping.

The connector set for the USBoardUSS5 (order numer X212) contains mating crimp contacts and housing for all connectors of the USBoardUSS5 except the USB cable.

The set for the ultrasonic sensors (order number X213) contains the crimp contacts and housing for one sensor.


Connector set for USBoardUSS5 (X212)


Connector set for USS5 (X213)

Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasonic sensors Bosch USS5.0 with radial connector are available under order number X210.


Ultrasonic sensor Bosch USS5.0 (X210)

USS5 Mounting Frames

The USS5 mounting kit (order number X216) is used to mount the sensor on a front panel.

../../_images/uss5-mounting.jpg ../../_images/uss5-mounting.png