LocalPlannerState represents the current state of the LocalPlanner.

Inherits from pilot.Sample.


Hash64 job

Unique id of the current job / goal.

long path_time

POSIX timestamp of the current path in [usec].

double path_length

Total path length in [meters].

PathPoint2D *point

Current path point if any (ie. closest to current position).

PathPoint2D *goal

Current goal point, ie. last point in current path.

goal_options_t goal_options

Current goal options.

Vector2d pos_error

Current (x, y) position error in [meters].

double yaw_error

Current yaw orientation error in [radians].

float update_rate

Current control update rate in [1/s].

local_planner_state_e state

Current local planner state, see pilot.local_planner_state_e.

limit_reason_e velocity_reason

Current reason for velocity limitation, see pilot.limit_reason_e.

limit_reason_e yawrate_reason

Current reason for yawrate limitation, see pilot.limit_reason_e.

float time_stuck

How long the platform has already been stuck in [seconds], in case state == STUCK.

float progress

Relative progress, from 0 to 1. Ratio of traversed path distance vs. total path length.

bool is_backwards

If platform is currently driving backwards.

bool is_restricted

If platform is currently restricted from turning around.

vector<int> path_history

Sliding window history of traversed path element ids, newest at the end. See pilot.MapElement. Usually contains at least the last 10 elements.