Possible states of the LocalPlanner.

enumerator IDLE

Waiting for a job / goal.

enumerator WAITING

Waiting to move, due to several possible reasons, for example waiting for localization to intialize.

enumerator TRANSLATING

Moving in X / Y direction, can include rotation also.

enumerator ROTATING

Rotating in place, without X / Y movement.

enumerator ADJUSTING

Rotating in place while making small adjustments in X / Y position. For differential kinematics only.

enumerator TURNING

Rotating in place to turn around. For differential kinematics only.

enumerator STUCK

Unable to continue for now, due to obstacles in the path.

enumerator FINISHED

Current goal has been reached, waiting for new job / goal.

enumerator CANCELED

Current goal has been canceled, stopping now.

enumerator LOST

Current position could not be matched to the given path, requesting new path.