Possible reasons for limiting velocity or yawrate.

enumerator DEFAULT_MAX

Default maximum for the platform. (global configuration)

enumerator CUSTOM_MAX

Custom limit (at current position). (Road Map parameter, or via. pilot.goal_options_t)

enumerator ACCEL_MAX

Limited due to hitting maximum allowed acceleration / decceleration.

enumerator LOCAL_COST

Limited due to obstacles in path or close to path.


Limited due to unexpected deviation from path.


Limited due to unexpected deviation from target orientation.

enumerator CURVE_LIMIT

Limited due to maximum lateral acceleration.

enumerator WAITING

Limited due to waiting for a certain condition.

enumerator GOAL_MAX

Limited due to approaching final goal position.

enumerator LIMIT_AHEAD

Limited due to approaching a lower limit on the path ahead.

enumerator OBSTACLE

Limited due to obstacle blocking the path.

enumerator STOPPING

Limited due to trying to stop.

enumerator FINISHED

Limited due to having reached the goal.