As the name suggests, rox_bringup contains all the necessary configurations and launch files required to initialize and activate all the hardware components associated with the Neobotix ROX platforms. Furthermore, this package also manages the kinematics related to the ROX platform, enabling users to get the ROX platform up and running.



The configurations for kinematics, relayboard_v3, sensors and teleoperation can be found under the configs folder.

Files for each of the configurations are named with a the rox_type at the front. For example, the config file for kinematics of the rox-argo, will be named as argo_kinematics. Similarly the other configs are named.


As of 27th October, only a special edition of ROX-Argo is supported. All the other robot types will be updated as soon as the initial tests are done.


The under the launch folder, brings up all the necessary components for the robot to initialize and activate.

Arguments Description
rox_type argo
ros2 launch rox_bringup rox_type:=argo